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Max Nettlau

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Max Nettlau
Max Nettlau
Max Nettlau
Born(1865-04-30)30 April 1865
Neuwaldegg, Prussia (present-day Austria)
Died23 July 1944(1944-07-23) (aged 79)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
GenreHistory, politics

Max Heinrich Hermann Reinhardt Nettlau (German: [ˈnɛtlaʊ]; 1865–1944) was a German anarchist and historian.

His extensive collection or archives was sold to the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam in 1935.[1] He lived continuously in Amsterdam from 1938 where he worked on cataloging the archive for the Institute. He died there suddenly from stomach cancer in 1944, without ever being harassed.[2]




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