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From kontakt@freesrpska.org Wed Sep 24 13:28:45 2003
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I agree. 

FS webmaster 

Nikola Smolenski writes: 

> Dear Webmaster, 
> I really liked your site! I found it very informative and useful. I would love 
> to use it in a project I'm involved with called Wikipedia, so I'm seeking 
> your permission.  
> Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org is a free encyclopedia that is 
> collaboratively-edited by volunteers from around the world.  
> I'd like to include texts and images from your site in various articles. To 
> get a sense of the freedom of wikipedia, you could visit 
> http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbia and edit this without registration right 
> now. 
> We can only use your materials if you are willing to grant permission for it 
> to be used under terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. This means 
> anybody will have the right to share your materials and update them: for 
> example, to keep up with new information. You can read this license in full 
> at: 
> http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Text_of_the_GFDL
>  (note: To keep things simple, we don't use Invariant Sections, Front-Cover 
> Texts, or Back-Cover Texts)  
> The license also expressly protects authors "from being considered responsible 
> for modifications made by others" while ensuring that authors get credit for 
> their work. There is more information on our copyright policy at:
> http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Copyrights  
> If you agree, we will credit you for your work in the resulting article's 
> references section by stating it was based on your work and is used with your 
> permission and by providing a web link back to:
> http://www.freesrpska.org/<appropriate page>. We will also credit any of your 
> images we use by putting such a link in its description. 
> Thank you for your time.  
> Kindly,  
> Nikola Smolenski