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Walter E. Mooney

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Walter E. Mooney (June 6, 1925 – March 1, 1990) was a MIT educated engineer, aircraft designer, pilot and model aircraft designer who lived in San Diego, California. He was well known professionally for his full scale aircraft efforts for Convair division of General Dynamics but more popularly known for the many plans and articles published in the magazines Model Airplane News, Boys' Life, and Aero Modeller in the 1960s. He was once featured as a daredevil glider pilot on the 1973 TV series Thrill Seekers.[citation needed] He designed the ROHR Two-175 Experimental Aircraft almost put in production to compete against the Cessna 172 in 1971[citation needed].

The Flying Aces model club of Washington has held a Walt Mooney Memorial model airplane meet named in his honor.[1][2]